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Taino Inspired Hexagon Carey Bagua and Cosmic Colors

Taino Inspired Hexagon Carey Bagua and Cosmic Colors

Our Bagua Line necklaces. Bagua means Ocean, this beautiful design made out of Resin and Alcohol inks showcases the beauty of the Clear Blues and Greenish color of the Ocean on an Hexagon shape Pendant.


This Beautiful Piece has an image of a  shiny Golden Carey (Hacksbill Turtle) imprint INSIDE THE RESIN PIECE. You can really see a realistic image of the bottom of a clear beach shore with this style.


Is Domed with an additional layer of Resin ON BOTH SIDES, giving a shiny finish like anything you have seen in out store. The resin piece 2cm by 2.5cm . The length of the necklace is 22 inches long.


As all of our Pendants Amulets Necklaces th e piece hangs on Wax Cord and adorned with 6 wooden beads. Perfect for your collection or simply as a gift for your loved ones. Show your Taino pride ANYWHERE YOU GO!!!


Option 1: Bagua Hexagon (Greenish/Bluish)

Option 2: Cosmic Hexagon (Purplish Pinkish)

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