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Taino Inspired Guabonito Deity Deidad Taina Pendant Amulet Collar

Taino Inspired Guabonito Deity Deidad Taina Pendant Amulet Collar

This is a special piece depicting the Taino Indigenous deity GUABONITO. 


Measures approximately 11cm tall by 6.5cm wide by 2.5cm deep, this piece is made out of clay and saled with either a coat of High Gloss sealer or with a thick coat of RESIN (much better for additional strength and durability. With a 28" wax cord and 8 round eclectic bead set as well as 4 barrel wooden bead on each end of the cord and finished with a barrel clasp for a strong close snap.


Perfect for a gift or simply for yourself, this one of a kind Amulet/Pendant can not be overlooked and we assure you EVERYONE will be asking where did you buy it. As always, everything we make is with the out most respect towards our Ancestors. Always made with customer in mind for a more personal touch and is filled with good energy and intention towards the future owner.


Do not wait and get yours today.


About Guabonito:

She came from the depths of the sea, possessing the secret of cibas and guanines, mythical healer, was anxiously sought by Albeborael Guahayona in the Island of Guanín. She cured the sores of his body with the use of the digo or güeyo, forcing rest and the consumption of a rigorous diet. She gifted Albeborael the cibas and guanines that would become the imponderable jewels, in value, for the Arawaks, and taught them how to wear them on the arms, neck, legs or the ears.

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