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Taino Eternal Love Indigenous Necklace/Pendant/Amulet

Taino Eternal Love Indigenous Necklace/Pendant/Amulet

Sitting on a 25" Wax Cord and Barrel Clasp, the Eternal Love Pendant is one of our most special pieces. The pendant itself is roughly 7cm x 4.5cm x .5cm.


For the Tainos the symbol for eternal lovers was usually showed as birds connected by their beaks, or a possible love scene. For them, eternal love was important.


As there was no belief in  private property, everything that was grown of hunted belonged to the entire tribe. The eternal lovers represent equality amongst the tribe as well as fertility.

Here we show the love on this pendant/amulet depicting just that, two birds joined by their beaks on a stone usually found in pictographs and petroglyphs in rocks and caves.


Perfect for that special someone or even for yourself as it reflects love and positive energy towards your love ones!

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