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Taino Ceremony Kit

Taino Ceremony Kit

Our Version of a Taino Ceremony Kit completely handmade, perfect for an intimate ceremony or group settings. Beautifully hand painted with acrylic paints in greens and browns.

**This UNIQUE set consists of:**

*Hand-painted 12" by 18" JUTE altar mat with 5 Hawksbill sea turtle(Tortuga de mar or aka Carey) on each corner and center.

*4 Offering GLASS bowls with the Taino Sun (Sun of Jayuya) depiction.
*28 black river stones With A Layer Of RESIN which includes:
-4 Stones with the four cardinal points (N-S-E-W)
-8 Stones with INDIGENOUS TAINO pictographs
-16 Stones to complete all 28
*2 White Tea Lights
*Handcrafter Trigonolito Sculpture depicting a Mucaro (Owl) with it's meaning of Introspection & Guaraguao (Hawk) with the meaning of Wisdom/Enlightenment. It is painted with acrylic paints and sealed with ModPodge.

The 28 stones represents each day of the cycle of the moon and the menstrual cycle. Four of those stones make up the four cardinal directions. The four GLASS bowls are for offering of sacred foods laid at each point:

Rakuno (North, yuca, a.k.a. cassava)
Sobaiko (East, corn)
Achiano (South, squash)
Koromo (West, black beans)

A traditional Taíno Full Moon Ceremony pays homage to Atabey, Queen mother of the Cemís (gods). She is the goddess of motherhood in the Taíno culture, symbolizing fertility, birth, creation, and the menstrual cycle.

In the middle would be an idol of a Cemí. In this particular set we have A Trigonolito (Description Above).

Additional items COMING SOON and that can be used are: copal resin to cleanse the space, a cigar to represent sacred tobacco and a Guamo (conch shell) which is blown in all four directions to call together the community and invite the ancestors.

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