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Ayahuasca Sculpture

Ayahuasca Sculpture

Handcrafted Mother Ayahuasca inspired Sculpture. Part of our Taino heritage we decided to add this to our collection. Made with a combination of clay and wood from a Royal Poinciana tree, sanding more or less  at 10'' tall and 4'' side to side and painted with acrylic paint this amazing sculpture is ideal for collectors and nature lovers. 

It's details, from the face representing Mother Ayahuasca and hair turning to it's iconic "caapi vines" gives it a look like no other anywhere else, adding to it the depiction of the "chacruna leafs, the two main ingredients of the Ayahuasca brew. Giving it a majestic look perfect for an office or living room.

If you like this sculpture feel free to comeback as we will be posting new items every week.

NOTE: The sculpture might be slightly different as we make them by order. The measurements will vary more or less as we mentioned to fit the 10.5”x8.5”x6.5” box used for shipment.

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