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Taino Inspired Fulánsu Wooden Symbol Necklaces

Taino Inspired Fulánsu Wooden Symbol Necklaces

New to our shop, 4 new AMAZING pieces for your collection. These four pendants are between 25mm to 30mm in circumference out of wood with a round glass dome cabuchon sealed in Resin.


Now with our brand new and secure wax cord and black barrel clasps that clips with strength and security. Add this to your collection or start collecting with this BEAUTIFUL and unique Pendants/Necklaces.


There are 4 different types and 2 different colors for now:

1-Black or Gold Sol

2-Black or Gold Eternal Love

3-Black or Gold Resistence Puerto Rican Flag

4-Black or Gold Sol #2


NOTE: Wooden bases are chosen randomly and have different types of design on the border. The circumference of them will be from 25mm to 30mm. Chose between Gold or Black and any of the 4 designs.

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